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 +===== Roadblocks =====
 +==== Roadblock FAQs ====
 +**I've set up the wiki. Now what? How do I get people to use it?**\\
 +That's what this site is for: to give you ideas (patterns) for how to spread adoption. Go to the [[Wikipatterns|home page]] , read a few different patterns, and try one with your team.
 +**People don't want to use it because they'​re concerned about the accuracy of the information.**\\
 +All wikis have built-in mechanisms for tracking changes and authors, as well as notifications that allow authors and administrators to be notified about changes. If there'​s a change that people don't like, they can edit it out or revert it back to the original version. In a benchmark study, ​ [[http://​​news/​2005/​051212/​full/​438900a.html|Nature]] ​ found that Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Brittanica both had errors. Some big differences though: there is much more content in Wikipedia and the content can be corrected anytime.
 +**How do I get people to contribute more?**\\
 +There are many good patterns to look at for help including the [[Invitation|Invitation pattern]] , [[BarnRaising|BarnRaising]] , and [[Intentional+Error|IntentionalError]] . Or [[Wikipatterns|find another one]] that might give you some ideas (or create one of your own and tell the Wikipatterns community by adding it to this site).
 +**How do I get people to follow the team's conventions or structure?​**\\
 +Here are a few ideas:
 +  * Try the [[Scaffold|Scaffold pattern]] . Similar to this is the [[Trellis|Trellis pattern]] .
 +  * Find some more [[WikiGnome|WikiGnomes]] to help you make corrections and be sure to point out to people the corrections you've made.
 +**How do I address people'​s questions about content ownership and territorial behavior?​**\\
 +It should be stressed that the power of wikis lays in community ownership. Everyone can participate,​ everyone has a voice. A wiki is more comprehensive because many authors can contribute to a page.
 +For those people who want more, most wikis have built-in mechanisms for identifying authorship. The original author can be identified along with all the other contributors and their respective changes. If your wiki supports permissions,​ you can restrict permission to edit a page.
 +For more ideas, read the [[Permission+Granted|Permission Granted]] , [[Community+Write|Community Write Position]] , or [[Selective+Rollback|Selective Rollback]] pattern.
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