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Hmm, in my experience a pattern language means not so much the “syntax” of the individual patterns but the totality of linked and related patterns. Got a cite for your definition?

Posted by xian at Aug 18, 2007 21:04

It's not clear to me how you, Stewart, want us to contact you or the 'administration' directly with ideas and comments. I could find no email, or 'feedback' section. I hope this gets to you.

Please see this page: Pages for removal or review .

Also, where would be the most appropriate place to link that page? There are other pages worthy of such a nomination, or at least an 'Page Requires Expansion' 'expandme' tag.


Posted by James Mortimer at Aug 30, 2007 07:49

It is absolutely unclear how and where to translate the content of this wiki. I have reverted a translation in Italian of “Viral” because it had replaced the English version. I cannot find how to create the Italian text in the right place..

It is also not helpful that I cannot find a way in how to ask an “admin” for some help.

Thanks, Gerard

Posted by Gerard Meijssen at Sep 01, 2007 17:06

I think that Xian has a point when saying that “pattern languages” should represent the totality of linked/related patterns. The transitional state diagram below (see source <sup></sup> ) is one example of how one might convey the totality of patterns by displaying the distribution and/or probability of events (B, C, D) that follow a given event A, and the probability of events (A, C, D) that follow event B, and so on. The “three part rule” seems to suggest this particular aspect of the definition, but it is not made explicit in the wikipattern pattern language page/template. Furthermore, the “three part rule” is more about the process of identifying specific sequences of actions (and reactions to the action), and not about conveying the patterns of possible reactions to each specified action.

Posted by allanjeong at Feb 02, 2009 14:56; last updated at Feb 02, 2009 15:11

I wen through this wiki pattern thing.i understand wiki perfectly but still not able to understand how it can help enhance my wiki experience. Ed

Posted by edbrown at May 21, 2009 01:48; last updated at Dec 14, 2009 15:13 by barconati

I feel what's also missing from the conversation is a section for best practices: WHAT wiki sites/hosts to use…a forum for figuring out who has the best layout and userability! I'm no dummy and while I totally buy into the potential of a wiki, I find myself extremely frustrated that I can't seem to find a group of people who are grappling with this same issue . I also readily admit that I've been a bit slow to embrace the online potential beyond web browsing and email…but I'm totally there now and want to leverage this amazing tool for people who could really benefit! I'm extremely displeased with the editing functions that I find on certain wikis (wetpaint for example) b/c it's a chore just to be able to edit a spreadsheet or font color . It's crazy and way too counterproductive. Does anyone have an explanation for this? Why does the web have such slick awesome stuff but wikis seem to have the visual appeal of a second-grade poster project?

Posted by rangermel at Jul 28, 2009 13:25

A site concerning the worlds' wider questions about the proper use of wikis in general is attempting to open up on the stackexchange site:

I'm supporting a proposal to create a new Q&A website for navigating and editing wikis, sharing of help and guidelines, managing and installing wikis, administrating your Wikia / organization's wiki, MediaWiki, DokuWiki or others, writing wiki articles and its syntax, or any other wiki-related questions.

It's built on the same software as, a hugely popular site where over seven million programmers help each other with difficult programming problems. On Stack Overflow the audience votes for the best answer, so the answer you want is usually right at the top, not on page five.

I'm hoping that a site for navigating and editing Wikipedia, sharing of help and guidelines, managing and installing wikis, administrating your Wikia / organization's wiki, MediaWiki, DokuWiki or others, writing wiki articles and its syntax, or any other wiki-related questions would have the same kind of network effect and turn into an amazing resource.

"> <sup></sup>

So for more and better wiki collaborative partners world wide, please visit and commit

Posted by Andrew J. Leer at Mar 24, 2012 10:45

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