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Generating content takes alot of work, because lets face it, if the information was easily accessible and available then we wouldn't need to look at your wiki

I wanted to change the article but I wasn't sure my comment was appropriate but we've actually hired someone to develop a seed for the website. He doesn't have to complete a comprehensive seed but enough to build up that starting content.

Yes he is getting paid but if you are not running a corporate wiki then I guess you may just have to be prepared to put in some hard yards with some friends to come up with a solid seed from which to work from because once the seed is out there hopefully that will begin to generate that single point of reference you want so badly, and for the record, after the seed is inplace we are no longer paying people to do the work (I don't want to be a part of a negitive pattern now do I )

Posted by Nick Cliff at Dec 12, 2007 23:38

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