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One thing to note, that although the graphic used by Forrester is a ladder, Forrester's social technographics only describe types of behavior found in certain demographics, and as such you may notice that the particiaption percentages for all the categories typically add up to more than 100%. The more common usage is to find the ways your demographic is participating and then deploying tools or engaging with them in manners that they are accustomed to. Member rewards in a given community should likely not be strictly hierarchical as there is overlap.

Posted by scottd at Nov 28, 2008 18:20

It would seem to me that the idea here is to borrow only a little from the Forrester paradigm as an initial example, but to mostly focus on the content from and recognize that:

  • different people have different levels of engagement (in different projects and content)
  • encouraging increased levels of engagement is generally a good adoption patter for your wiki.
  • thinking of things as a 'ladder', or perhaps a 'non-heirarchial mind-map with some directional edges', might help organize the content on this wikipatterns site and lend support to the idea that adoption is a process, and one you can measure and encourage, rather than a 'state'.

Is there anyone interested in helping to refactor this pattern to reflect this?

Posted by James Mortimer at Mar 31, 2009 09:41

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