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When I go to the home page for my personal space, I don't see “Edit Page”. So how can I edit my home page? Also, how do I get to a link to browse my personal space?

Posted by Garnet R. Chaney at Apr 22, 2007 12:29

Thanks for pointing out these problems with Wikipatterns. Some of them have already been submitted to the theme developer to fix, and I've just now reported others, like the edit button not appearing in your personal profile. I didn't realize this was happening because the edit link does appear for me, which is likely because I have full admin permissions to the site. (The good news there is that this is probably just a permissions issue, and should be fixed within a few days, at most).

Posted by Stewart Mader at Apr 22, 2007 23:47

At the risk of being an over-organizational and troll:

  • I just realized that I read every article in the three smaller sections, but shy'd away from the larger 'adoption patterns' section as it's just beyond the scale of a list that I can deal with easily at a glance
  • Perhaps there is some way to split that section into visually and conceptually more manageable parts? I haven't read this section yet, so I'm guessing here based on titles:
  • wikiability, naming conventions,
  • technical: 'index','camelcase','contentalert',wysiwyg,
  • organizational: 'lunch menu','faq','onespacepergroup'
  • behaviours: 'community write', window of discussion, threadmode
  • access control: permissions, clean permissions
  • seeding: 'seed content','magnet',''scaffold','futurelinks','

I'll be in better position to recomend categories in 20 minutes or so, but the 'need' to categories is apparent.

  • Likewise, 'IdentityMatters','charter' is a 'concept' about a 'people' pattern, while some others (gnome, champion, zenmaster, maintainer) are descriptions about type of personalities, and 'tagging','starting points','myspace' are organizational, and 'barnraising','viral','invitation' have to do with people patterns than promote collaborative use. perhaps a split is not too far off for this group either?

Posted by James Mortimer at May 02, 2007 11:13

please see also suggestion on Idea for evolution of patterns

Posted by James Mortimer at May 02, 2007 11:59

I agree with James that there should be some more organizing here: this wiki provides patterns that are not used here. Of course you cannot apply them all on a public wiki but some are general matters, e.g. the wiki language. A thread mode to discuss these sort of things would be the first step.

Posted by MarijanaPrusina at Jul 02, 2007 10:56

A couple of suggestions:

The new theme is great, however it is hiding some of the useful features of Confluence. I particularly miss the History feature to navigate around my recent pages.

The template for patterns needs to be updated to the latest format. Specifically, the right set of headings and the rating macro. There should probably be separate templates for people and adoption patterns as well.

Posted by Mark Truman at Jul 09, 2007 16:09

When I go to the home page for my personal space, I don't see “Edit Page”. So how can I edit my home page? Also, how do I get to a link to browse my personal space? Posted by Garnet R. Chaney at Apr 22, 2007 13:29

Any update on this?

Posted by Kenneth at Mar 01, 2008 10:04

Have I found a good example of a “dead wiki” pattern …???

I can add pages, but can't edit my pages. Wasn't that the question 1.5 years ago??

Also, basic Confluence macros don't seem to work. (scrollbar)

When I found this site I felt like I had really found something, but I'm very disapointed now.

I guess I'm writing for the future generations to come in their flying objects to re-colonize Earth…

(I hope the smileys work)

Posted by gchutrau at Oct 01, 2008 02:20

I wished to change page name “ [] ” to “ Wikiの小人 ”.
I should just rename, but I had made “Wikiの小人” and tried to delete “”. Deletion seems to be disallowed.

How can I fix it?

Posted by MakioTsukamoto at Aug 21, 2009 08:08

Is there an admin in the house? The spammers are taking over!

Posted by peter dean at Nov 15, 2009 17:17

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