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I'm moving this from the page into a comment to spur discussion:

Other possible names for this pattern?: (what name best conveys the intent of this pattern?

  • Seeded
  • OpenDocument
  • Furnished
  • Future Proof Book

I think something to do with “seeding” the wiki might be a better name. Thoughts?

Posted by Stewart Mader at Mar 20, 2007 17:26

Of the names listed, I think “seeded” comes closest to capturing the pattern, and is a term I've been using for a while in describing how this pattern works while working on a pilot project focused on creating success with this pattern in my org.

“Future Proof…” is interesting, but also connotates round tripping of wiki content back into the context of a book.  I've been saying that once you convert a book into a wiki *its not a book* anymore, its a wiki.  I think is important to declare that to the community so that you don't hinder wiki style collaboration patterns by scaring away some people who would not be so apt to contribute if they felt they were working within the more rigid structure of a book.

There is a hybrid pattern that is closely related to this…. where you convert a whole book into a wiki, but only open part of it up to full community ownership and modification… as if you bolt on a wiki community to extend an existing book, without allowing that community alter the overall structure, or foundation content, that appeared in the seed book.

There is an example of this… Wikinomics (the book) <sup></sup> has also become Wikinomics (the wiki) <sup></sup> , where the book is converted to a wiki, but the wiki community is only writing the “unwritten chapter”, instead of being allow to evolve the entire book.

Does this hybrid deserve its own pattern definition page?

Stewart - looks like you are doing a hybrid seeded model here too: <sup></sup>
…“ $19 - get access to all chapters, ability to download
in PDF, and ability to edit Chapter 10… _”

How is it going with that model?  Are you getting a lot of participation from people willing to donate content to chapter 10?

Posted by Chris Almond at Mar 21, 2007 08:37

When communicating with clients I like to use the term ' seed ' the wiki with content but often get the Uh? response (possibly because I work in the agriculture/environmental management sector where the word seed has another meaning). Another term that I like to use is ' populate ' the wiki which seems to be well accepted and understood.

Posted by Ian Kininmonth at Aug 06, 2008 23:08

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