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This seems redundant with Scaffold . Can you differential or combine?

Posted by James Mortimer at May 02, 2007 11:51

My impression of the difference between the Trellis pattern and Scaffold is:

  • Scaffold defines an empty skeleton or structure of the page content (headings, etc). In the Scaffold pattern, the content is not necessarily specific to the current page.
  • In the Trellis pattern the content is specific to the current page, and the content is usually incomplete and therefore encourages other to contribute.

Trellis is similar to the Intentional Error pattern, but instead of intentionally introducing errors , the Trellis pattern encourages users to intentionally introduce omissions .

Posted by Stafford Vaughan [CustomWare] at Mar 31, 2008 16:53; last updated at Mar 31, 2008 17:36

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