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I have a question regarding the behaviour toward comments (as opposed to content).

What should be done when improving with comments ?
Suppose I take a several comments into account to improve the content. Should I remove the comments ?

Should the comment be periodically removed or should they stay there forever ?

Posted by mremond at Apr 06, 2008 04:44

There seems to be a distinct lack of gnoming on this site.  The spammers are taking over.

Posted by peter dean at Nov 16, 2009 18:57

WikiGnomes tend to be self-selecting . They're people who care about attention to detail, are offended by messiness and will make the small edits that are required to continually improve the quality of your wiki.

Posted by Daniel at Nov 19, 2009 23:52; last updated at Nov 23, 2009 12:52 by barconati

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