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 +===== The WikiPatterns Pattern Language =====
 +The pattern language for WikiPatterns has yet to be finalised. This template represents our starting-point, but we suspect that it is likely to be refined as we open the site to more contributors.
 +  * **Name** - all patterns must have a memorable name
 +  * **Summary** - after the name, sum up the intent of the pattern in one or two short paragraphs
 +  * **Usage** - describe in what circumstances this pattern arises, and how it is implemented
 +  * **Example** - relate the pattern back to some concrete example
 +  * **Related Patterns** - list other patterns that are influenced by, or influence the application of this pattern
 +  * **Further Reading** - list external sites, wikis, blogs that discuss the pattern
 +---- struct data ----
 +classification.focus : 
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