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All wiki all the time


Don't rush wiki adoption beyond what people can handle. Over time, people will realize how useful the wiki is and more and more content will make its way onto the wiki.

How do I notice it?

If you hear people saying, “Oh no. Not another wiki!” you might be moving too fast. Pushing to use the wiki for everything too quickly can hinder its adoption for several reasons. People might not feel comfortable with the wiki yet - it's a paradigm shift for most people to imagine using a site that doesn't require approval to post content, and where others can edit or even delete what they've written.

How do I fix it?

Don't introduce any new wiki uses for a while. Let people get a handle on what's already on the wiki, and check with people individually to see how they're doing, if they have questions or problems etc. From this personal contact, you'll be able to tell when people are ready to expand the wiki again.

A good way to avoid All wiki all the time is to start with patterns like Invitation to introduce the wiki and teach people how it works. Follow on with My Personal Info and FAQ to give people a chance to post personal profiles and take inventory of what they're working on.

  • Champion - a good wiki champion will know the people s/he's working with and pace wiki adoption to meet their needs.

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