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Often readers of a WikiWeb are not seen as contributors. Contributors can have different roles within the WikiWeb. They can be shapers, organizers or simply be writers (Authors) of Wiki articles.


The contributor starts small by correcting typos and thrives to develop his writing skills.


A contributor is someone who possesses the following traits:

  • is eager to learn the structure of a wiki
  • has read lots of wiki articles
  • has viewed some markup
  • WikiGnome - also known as WikiGardener, a person who keeps the wiki running smoothly by fixing broken links, typos, and improving the overall flow and quality of content.
  • Maintainers, Champions and WikiGnomes are critical to the success and quality of the wiki.
  • WikiTroll - someone who tries to disrupt the wiki by posting inflammatory comments and distracting people from the talk at hand. A champion will swiftly deal with the disruptions of a WikiTroll to keep the wiki running smoothly, and try to help the WikiTroll become a more productive community member.
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