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Naming Conventions


Too much variation in how pages are named in a wiki can lead to pages being hard to remember and find, so it's useful to develop a basic naming convention so things stay organised as the wiki grows.


A given structure makes it easier to remember names. When links are listed in alphabetical order, the documents belonging to the same type can be grouped easily. Introduce naming conventions. As a minimum, documents should start with the name of the template they are derived from, followed by the title, and possibly the initials of the responsible author: DocumentType_<SpeakingTitle>_[Initials]. The speaking title should use a singular form.


This site groups patterns by type - People Patterns, People anti-Patterns, Content Patterns, and Content anti-Patterns. By labeling pages, the site can display alphabetically ordered lists of each type, as seen at the bottom of this and all other pages.

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