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A kind of StartingPoint that bundles links to special topics or information in a wiki. As a wiki grows, the amount of information grows as well, and it gets harder to find certain topics. A hierarchy often cannot suffice because there are always different views on a certain topic. (“It should be a child of that topic.” “Nope, the other parent would be more logical to me.”)

With an overview page you can provide several views on a certain wiki page and give the user an overview of everything that is in the wiki and covers a certain subject.


First of all, the homepage of a web, space (whatever…) should give a clear overview of what there is to expect in this web or space. These are the most important overview pages because they are the gate to all the information.

Then just look over your content and classify it in every way that comes to your mind and sounds useful.


A 'how to' on “Using subversion” could be linked from an overview page “Revision control in general” or “Developing in this company”. In this way, this information is related to different contexts and can be found by people with different information needs (the one who wants to know something about revision control in general and the other that is new in the company).

  • StartingPoint - a pattern to provide new users with the “need to know” - information about the wiki
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