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Patron (or Sponsor)


Having a high-ranking Patron who supports a wiki provides a level of authority that can enhance the prospect of success.


Occasionally a senior figure in an organization initiates a wiki project. More often, the initiative comes from below, but the support of a senior figure is sought. By letting it be known that they support the project, a Patron gives permission for others to be involved and for resources to be allocated to the project.

A Patron is particularly important in a corporate environment, where control of IT resources and competition between organizational units may otherwise discourage participation.


An employee who already knows the CEO explains the benefits of a wiki, and perhaps demonstrates a working system within the organization. The CEO agrees with the idea and encourages the employee to continue. The CEO becomes a Patron by “giving the nod” to the initiative. The CEO may have no further involvement apart from allowing it to become known that they support the use of a wiki. The initiating employee can encourage other people to become involved by explaining that the CEO thinks it is a good idea.

  • Champion: Whereas a Patron/Sponsor simply approves of the Wiki, the Champion energetically drives the implementation and adoption processes.
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