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I think most members of an organisation struggle with the structure of formal “Records” and would choose to be informal. However from an organisational position you don't want too many repositories of data particularly unstructured data. From a tech viewpoint its just another store to be managed with the same care as the ECM system, but possibly withoutthe same toolset.

Posted by John Preval at Oct 23, 2007 13:03

I have to admit to wrestling with the question of wikis versus more formal document management systems for a client I'm currently working with.

It's the old “everyone in the company has stuff on their hard drive that they send back and forth” problem, and I don't really have a sense for when one chooses a more traditional document management system over a wiki beyond vague references to more structured processes and static documents. Even that took digging.

Posted by Steven Kaye at Jun 26, 2008 09:00

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