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The webpageChampion (actually an anti-champion) will constantly compare wiki pages to HTML / Flash / XHTML / DHTML web pages, pointing out the deficiencies of the wiki approach and exalting the powers of a 'full featured webpage' or 'web application'.  Like a WikiTroll they may berate the wiki, but unlike the troll, they are not arbitrary or uninformed or complaining; they attack actual deficiencies and differences, and use these to subvert the success of the wiki.


Root Cause

  • The boundary between those who provide 'content' and those who provide 'function' in web pages has been moved by wiki technology (previously, a web “developer” actually controlled the gate on content!). The number, and types, of people that your organization needs to support making simple 'content' changes in 'web pages' has decreased, and people invested in that activity will resist that change.


  • Wiki has a niche, as do the other intranet technologies. To make a niche, you may displace some organisms along the boundaries, but you also create new opportunities for others.  Show the webpageChampion how much their experience building 'functional' information resources is even more in need now that there are exponentially more authors. Show them how they can either move towards a WikiGnome or Maintainer role.
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