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A WikiZenMaster is someone who makes format changes to make the wiki more visually appealing. (WikiZenMaster is sometimes referred to as a WikiFairy.)


Like a WikiGnome, a WikiZenMaster will add value to content on a wiki by making it a desirable tool to use, making content clearer and easier to use, and maintaining high standards of organization and format on the wiki.


A WikiZenMaster might

  • Add titles or section headings to better organize pages.
  • Add images or diagrams to illustrate content on a wiki page or help clarify a complex process, etc.
  • Add images of the covers of books listed in the bibliography.
  • Add images of the various contributors to a wiki.
  • Separate paragraphs in order to make texts easier to read.
  • WikiGnome - WikiGnomes and WikiZenMasters are similar personalities, both focused on improving the wiki. WikiGnomes focus on improving content, while WikiZenMasters focus on improving format.
  • Maintainer - often the WikiZenMaster and its Maintainer are the same person.

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