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How to use this wiki

Note: this wiki originally was hosted on a different wiki engine, some descriptions in the wiki may still point to functionality that is slightly different in this wiki.

Look around

Start with: New to wikipatterns? Start here. for a guide to the major stages of wiki adoption. Wikipatterns contains nearly 100 pattern and anti-pattern pages which offer strategies and techniques for making your wiki more successful . This wiki is intended to be a toolbox — as you look around, choose the patterns that you think will help your wiki succeed, apply them and see what happens!

Sign up and create an Account

When you sign up, you can edit any page on this site (you won't be added to any mailing lists, your email is hidden from other users). It's a great way to get involved with Wikipatterns, and if you're new to wiki, it's a good way to try your hand at editing.

Edit a Pattern

Got a great idea you'd like to share? A use case or pattern? Wikipatterns is a wiki, so you can “leave a new tool in the toolbox” if you discover a new pattern or idea for promoting wiki use. If you're reading an existing page and want to add or edit something, just click the “edit page” link in the menu bar.

Add a new Pattern

  1. Go to the start page and edit it.
  2. Add your new pattern as a link to one of the four main lists.
  3. Save the page, your new link will be red
  4. Follow the red link and create the missing page

Please refer to the Pattern Language and Antipattern Language pages on what you should include on your page.

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