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Records Manager


A Records Manager quakes when faced with unstructured data that can be modified at whim by users however literate.


Questions are being asked that may sound critical, such as

  • Where does the use of a corporate Wiki cross the bounds between records management and communication?
  • Is only some corporate data ready to be Wikified?


A Records Manager might feel right to point out:

  • Wiki entries may not be acceptable in a tax audit because the records can be doctored.
  • Policies and procedures stored in a wiki have no authorization status.
  • The documentation and records management system may not pass a management system audit (e.g by a major customer or for ISO 9001).

A wiki champion may respond by:

  • Explaining the wiki's soft security features (all changes logged) and inviting the tax auditor to verify this to his own satisfaction.
  • Defining a way to clearly distinguish an authorized “release” from a “draft”.
  • Do both of the above.
  • Wikiphobia other arguments against wikis.
  • Maintainer understands the overall concepts, tasks, and reference information that a reader may require.
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