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Wiki Patterns

pot of grass Looking to spur wiki adoption? Want to grow from 10 users to 100, or 1000? Applying patterns that help coordinate people's efforts and guide the growth of content, and recognizing anti-patterns that might hinder growth - can give your wiki the greatest chance of success.

Wiki Patterns is a toolbox of patterns & anti-patterns, and a guide to the stages of wiki adoption. It's also a wiki, which means you can help build the information based on your experiences! Beyond this site, there are many other additional resources .

New to wikipatterns? Start here. Already know how to use a wiki? help out!

This wiki has been resurrected from Wayback Machine archives, because the original is no longer available. The wiki pages have been recreated from HTML but will need some manual cleanup.

wikipatternsbook.jpg Wikipatterns book!
This book provides practical, proven advice for encouraging adoption of your wiki project and growing it into a useful collaboration tool or vibrant online community. learn more

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